Nicole Huang

(608) 262-9876; (608) 261-1018
1116 Van Hise; 266 Bascom
PhD, UCLA; MA, UCLA; BA, Peking University 


Director, Wisconsin China Initiative (2012-present)

Former director, Center for East Asian Studies (2008-11)

Faculty lead, Taiwan Studies Initiative (2008-present)



Transcultural East Asia; modern Chinese visual and auditory cultures; modern Chinese literature


Professor Huang is currently completing a book manuscript called "Late Mao Soundscapes: Auditory Culture and Daily Practice in 1970s China." A second book manuscript, written in Chinese, is titled "Rekindling the Strange Land: Chinese-language Narratives and Cultural Imagination" (《重溫異鄉:華語敘述與文化想像》). She has also begun a new project on social use of photography in contemporary China, supported by a fellowship from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Approaches to Transasian Studies

Topics in Transasian Studies

Survey of Chinese Literature

Popular Culture and Film in Twentieth-century China

Studies in Chinese Fiction

Seminar in Chinese and Taiwanese Literature and Film



Women, War, Domesticity: Shanghai Literature and Popular Culture of the 1940s, Leiden: Brill, 2005.

Writing Against the Turmoil: Eileen Chang and Popular Culture of Occupied Shanghai 《亂世書寫:張愛玲與淪陷時期上海文學及通俗文化》. Shanghai: Shanghai Sanlian Press 上海三聯書店, 2010.




Co-editor, with an introduction, Written on Water: A Collection of Essays by Eileen Chang, New York: Columbia University Press, 2005 (paperback edition, 2007).

Guest co-editor, special issue on Taiwan Cinema, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 15.1 (October 2003).



“Listening to Films: Politics of the Auditory in 1970s China,” Journal of Chinese Cinemas, 7.3 (November 2013): 187-206.

“Locating Family Portraits: Everyday Images from 1970s China,” positions: east asia culture critique, 18.3 (Winter 2010): 671-94.

“Azalea Mountain and Late Mao Culture,” The Opera Quarterly: Performance+Theory+ History, vols. 26-27 (Autumn 2010): 402-25.

“Eileen Chang and Things Japanese” in Eileen Chang: Romancing Cultures, edited by Kam Louie (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, forthcoming).

“Dreaming of the Red Chamber and Writing of the Nether World” 夢在紅樓,寫在隔世, in From Writing Degree Zero: Reconstructing Eileen Chang 《零度看張:重構張愛玲》, edited by Shuang Shen (Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2009), 99-118.

“Fashioning Public Intellectuals: Women’s Print Culture in Occupied Shanghai (1941-1945),” in In the Shadow of the Rising Sun: Shanghai under Japanese Occupation edited by Christian Henriot and Wen-hsin Yeh (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 325-45.

“Sun-facing Courtyards: Urban Communal Culture in Mid-1970s Shanghai,” East Asian History 25/26 (June-December 2003): 161-82.


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