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  • Greetings from our former KLP student, James Hillmer, currently at UCLA (Read more).
  • The Korean Students & Scholars Association, co-sponsored with East Asian Languages & Literature, Center for East Asian Studies, and Korean American Student Association, invites Prof. Juhn Ahn (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) for the Korea Forum and University Lecture "When Crows Cry and Rain Starts to Fall: Mongols, Temples, and the Late Koryo Elite" on March 6, 2015 (Social Science 6104, 1-2:30pm).
  • As part of the Korea Foundation's global e-school initiative, the CIC e-school is offering Korean studies courses for Spring 2015: 1) Language and Society of Two Koreas (by Prof. Hang Tae Cho, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) and 2) Language and Culture in Everyday Life: Korean and Korean Americans (by Prof. Susan Strauss, Penn State University)
  •  The Korean Language Program (KLP) is looking for volunteer Korean students for its "K-Language Buddies (한국어 도우미) Program" at UW-Madison.  Volunteer students will be paired with the current Korean langauge students at the KLP for language exchange.  If you are interested in joing this program, contact Prof. BJ Lim (blim3@wisc.edu) for further information.


The Korean Language Program (KLP) at UW-Madison

The KLP is currently offering four years of Korean language instruction from beginning to advanced levels.  Unfortunately, the UW-Madison does not offer a major in Korean, yet, but hopes are high because EALL and the Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at UW-Madison are working hard to launch a major in Korean in the near future.


13 reasons why you study Korean at UW-Madison: This is a video which the current Elementary Korean students made together with their very talented TA, Jieun Kim (김지은 선생님 감사합니다).


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