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NEWS for the Korean Studies Program:

  • The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) and EALL welcome an honorary visiting fellow, Prof. Sung Jin Kim (Department of Korean education, Daegu University).  His main research interests are: 1) modernity of Korean novel in the 20th century, 2) presenting literature work reading strucrures based on Korean modern history of criticism and cricital theories, and 3) liteturea education in middle and high school Korean education.   During the academic year 2014-15, Prof. Kim will research into Korean literature's specialty and universality in relations to world literature in general and East Asian literature in particular.
  • The Korean Language Program (KLP) is looking for volunteer Korean students for its "K-Language Buddies (한국어 도우미)" Program at UW-Madison.  Volunteer students will be paired with the current Korean language students for language exchange as well as sharing incultural experiences each other.  If you are interested, please contact Prof. BJ Lim at blim3@wisc.edu.



The KLP is currently offering four years of Korean language instruction from beginning to advanced levels.  The UW-Madison does not offer a major in Korean, yet, but hopes are high because EALL and the Center for East Asian Studies at UW-Madison are working very hard to launch a major in Korean in the near future.


 Course offerings (Fall 2014)

1) EA105/325* Elementary Korean I (*EA325 is for graduate students) --> 1st Year Korean

2) EA345 Third Semester Korean --> 2nd Year Korean

3) EA347 Fifth Semester Korean --> 3rd Year Korean

4) EA405 Seventh Semester Korean --> 4th Year Korean


 Teaching Assistants (2014-2015)

1) 1st Year Korean: Ms. Jieun Kim (kim432@wisc.edu)

2) 2nd Year Korean: Mr. Seungyop Shin (sshin54@wisc.edu)

3) 3rd Year Korean: Mr. Jonghun Kim (jkim456@wisc.edu)

4) 4th Year Korean: Ms. Ji-Hye Kim (kim296@wisc.edu)


A Placement Test for Fall 2014?:  For the 2014 Fall Semester, a placement test for Korean is currently scheduled on Friday, August 29 (1:00-3:00pm) at Van Hise 1220.  The test will be 1) an oral interview (20 minutes) and 2) a short writing in Korean (25 minutes).  If the time does not work out for you, then, you may have to take a test during the first week of the new semester.  Please contact Prof. BJ Lim for further scheduling.


If you have any questions regarding the KLP, feel free to contact Prof. BJ Lim at blim3@wisc.edu .


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