Adam L. Kern

Van Hise 1108
Ph.D. Harvard University

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Affiliate member of: Art; Art History; Comparative Literature.

ON LEAVE until academic year 2016-2017

Transcultural comics/manga. Early modern and modern Japanese literature, pop culture, visual culture.


The Penguin Book of Haiku (London: Penguin Classics, forthcoming 2016)

"Comix East and West? The Shocking Transnational Affair of Japanese and Euro-American Comics (And Their Manga, Manhwa, Manhua Lovechildren)." In Bramlett, Cook, and Meskin, eds., The Routledge Companion to Comics (under advance contract).


East Asian 367 "Japanese Poetic Tradition—Haiku"

East Asian 373 "Topics in Japanese Literature—The Comic Imagination"

East Asian 376 "Manga" (trailer:

East Asian 433 / 833 "Topics in East Asian Visual Culture—The Spectacular Culture of Early Modern Japan"

East Asian 573 "Readings in Classical Japanese Literature—The Kibyōshi

East Asian 574 "Readings in Classical Japanese Literature—Haikai

Inter L&S 102 "Japan Pop! From Bashô to Banana" Freshman Interest Group (trailer: )

Lit Trans 231 "Manga" (trailer:

Lit Trans 372 "Classical Japanese Prose in Translation—Early Modern Japanese Literature"


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